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fruits of the forest

On 01, Sep 2010 | No Comments | In shade | By All Year Garden

Soft, mushy and colorful, mushrooms embellish deeply shaded areas of the forest with their little umbrella caps. Whether they are edible or not, the forest would not be as fragrant without them. After a rainy night they pop out of nowhere, easing off from under tree bark and green growies, slightly humid with dew and smelling like fresh humus.

If you happen to know your edible mushrooms, a trip to the forest after the rain can provide a tasty treat, however one should leave the recognizing of mushrooms to the pros, since very similar looking fungi can be poisonous.

The kids were all excited about looking for mushrooms and photographing them, and here is the picture to prove it. We found this little lady on a trail in the Smokey Mountains.