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forcing paperwhites

On 22, Nov 2010 | One Comment | In wintergarden | By All Year Garden

This is a quick project that will put your pebble collection to good use (I’m sure every parent knows what “pebble collection” I’m talking about).

Place colorful smooth pebbles on the bottom of a decorative glass bowl. Fill it about half way.  A shallow wide bowl works best for paperwhites.

Place the paperwhite bulbs tight together on top of the ballast and add a few pebbles on top to anchor them down.

Add enough water so that the bottoms of the bulbs are fully submerged, but not more. Keep that water level constant through the growth and blooming period.

Paperwhites are zone 8 bulbs, so they don’t really need chilling, but a cool down period will prevent them from growing too tall.

Place the bowl in a cool location (50 degrees) with indirect light for a couple of weeks, then bring it indoors and place it in a sunny window.  You should have a profusion of blooms by Christmas.


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