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forcing paperwhites – part 2

After four weeks the cheerful fragrant blossoms will give the gardener a much needed boost for the long white winter months.

Having a winter garden of any size or complexity is a wonderful gift for the green thumbs who find themselves without much to do or enjoy outdoors for months on end. Of course it is nowhere near the exuberant display of color, texture and fragrance the warm seasons regale us with. Enjoy a subtle white on white overlay and dream about the joyous garden renewal in spring.

I’m half buried in gardening books, they have glorious pictures. I lift up my eyes and look out: still white, still cold. I guess the beautiful pictures of rose covered arbors and over abundant foundation wall plantings that overflow and slightly cover flagstone pathways will have to do for now.

Let me finish with something to look forward to: herb gardens, baked fragrances in the sun, rugosa roses in bloom, humming birds, large displays of colorful zinnias, flower baskets with fragrant mixed annuals, golden honeysuckle, old mossy stone garden paths, bees and butterflies, dangling bleeding hearts, huge ferns and elephant ears in the shade, white nicotiana at night, creeping phlox gracefully embellishing old retaining walls, cheerful laughter and jars with fireflies, colorful berries covered in morning dew, the list goes on and on. Please feel free to add your own.