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At this time of year the garden pretty much takes over from the stubborn gardener who is just wasting effort trying to put some neatness and order into the jumbled mess of falling leaves, dried stems, popping seed heads and perennials preparing for winter.

I look at the mini-jungle and shrug: the tomato vines took over the barberry bushes and weaved through the roses, so now every time I stretch my hands to pick the abundant harvest (the tomatoes are not joking, when it rains it pours, I have more fruit that I know what to do with, and they keep producing) I get scratched by two different but equally sharp sets of thorns. No worries, though, the barberry leaves are turning a beautiful fall color and the roses are blooming faithfully, as they have for years.

The morning glories fended for themselves and after they lost trellis territory to the cucumber vine they decided to go straight up, clamber up the pine tree and expand there. So now there is a delicate lacy curtain of heart shaped leaves and funnel shaped flowers gently draping the branches.

The fall perennials are in bloom, but I get surprised by daisies and nasturtiums, and a few June roses (which were supposed to be once blooming). I walk through the bright green grass after a few days of rain scratching my head and trying to figure out where to start straightening things up a little bit.