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don’t forget the bulbs!

On 01, Nov 2010 | One Comment | In propagation | By All Year Garden

Don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs before the dirt freezes. Use only healthy bulbs that are not soft or showing signs of mold, and make sure to work plenty of bone meal or bulb fertilizer into the soil, to give your plants a good start for next season.

A few comments about planting bulbs:

– they don’t like wet feet,  a well draining soil will help them thrive; if you have heavy clay soil, loosen it up a little by adding sand.

– do not plant them too shallow (follow the instructions on the packet but a good rule of thumb is to plant twice deeper than the height of the bulb), and use group plantings for better color effect.

– if you have a small garden consider planting several overlapping layers of bulbs of different sizes and blooming times.


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