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divide perennials

On 28, Sep 2010 | No Comments | In propagation | By All Year Garden

The picture is showing a clump of daisies, but the method will work with most perennials. Fall blooming perennials should be divided in spring, and spring blooming in the fall.

Choose a cool cloudy day, humid if possible, to divide your plants. This will put the least stress on them.

division1-cropLift the clump by digging under it with a long spade. Some plants will be hard to lift if they have been established in the location. division2-cropYou can lift the whole clump, or cut through it with the spade and lift a portion of it.  Break out the clump into smaller pieces by pulling it apart with your hands or with a pitch fork if it’s too hard.
division3-cropSelect a good location for the new planting, place the plants in the hole and water. division4-cropCover the roots with dirt and you are done.

There are no rules about how many plants you can get out of a clump, use your best judgment. Typically, if it looks like there are enough roots and enough leaves, the process should work.

Also, if you have some spring perennials that you would like to relocate, mid fall is the best time to do it.