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december planting

On 02, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In plants, wintergarden | By All Year Garden

It turns out it was not too late to plant daffodils after all. I found a large bag waiting sadly on the sales rack and because the relatively mild weather gave me an excuse, I couldn’t help myself.

With it came a companion, another large bag of grape hyacinths in classic purple. I spent some time outside yesterday, puttering in the dirt and attracting curious looks from passers by. It’s not every day you see somebody plant in the middle of December.

Last spring came so late that all but the most resilient of daffodils politely declined to bloom, if they don’t have suitable weather mid-March they tend not to bother and wait for better luck next year. The early ones attempted to bloom in the snow, but they are a weird variety to begin with, no taller than six inches, and they grew small and stunted, looking so abandoned in the gray and brown mess of wet leaves and barren sticks of the still dormant garden.

It seems that no matter how many daffodils I plant, there are never as many I’d like, I’m just hoping that some of the older clumps have been in their location long enough to grow larger next year.

I’ll just keep planting a few each year until I end up with a daffodil garden. The ones we inherited from the previous owners are still the best, they bloom reliably in moderate shade, and their clumps thrived over so many years. I wonder how long it will take for the new additions to catch up with them?

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