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colors of the garden

Spring finally decided to grace us with its presence and all I have to say is “Meh!” Not too hot, not too cold, just like the proverbial porridge, and way too late. The garden proceeds according to its own schedule and will look quite pretty when the cheerful daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths bloom.

If I haven’t yet managed to convince you of the worthiness of hellebores behold this surreal color scheme rendered even more beautiful by the magic of the camera. Much like a successful outfit, the colors in the garden shouldn’t individually compete for attention, but they should complement each other and emphasize the beautiful lines and focal points of the landscape. And so they do.

The garden is going through an abbreviated spring again, moving fast from winter to summer, skipping the romantic period of beginnings. Last year the trees bloomed for just a few hours and immediately covered the ground with a fragrant layer of white and pink petals afterwards.

I planted the veggies late this year, and they look small and meek in their pods. We had plentiful rain that watered the garden for two days in a row to give the perennials a good start.

I’m waiting for the roses!

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