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cooking with lavender

Lavender is of course the go to plant for skin care and aromatherapy, but it can hold its own with the rest of the mints and spices in the kitchen cupboard.

I discovered Herbes de Provence a while back, a spice mix that contains a good quantity of lavender, and it keeps finding its way on every roast and in every stew ever since. Read more…

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Lavender is a wonderful herb for skin care. Its essential oil heals sunburn, irritation, bites and scrapes, improves the texture and tone of blemish prone skin and is so gentle it can be applied undiluted to the skin. Read more…

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natural disinfectant

There are two strong antiseptics directly extracted from plants: one is tea tree oil, only found in the leaves of the Australian plant, and the other one is thymol, a potent antimicrobial found in thyme and oregano, a substance bee balms also have in abundance. Read more…

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lemon balm

The scent of lemon balm is warm, citrusy and soothing, a fistful of good cheer on a cloudy day. This resilient herb will thrive in any garden and it is not fussy about the soil, sunlight or water, which is why some came to see it as a symbol for overcoming difficulty. Read more…

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magic betony

Did you know that betony was thought to chase away vengeful ghosts, evil enchantments and bad dreams? I’m not acquainted with its alleged magical properties or even the real medicinal ones (apparently it was a prized healing herb in the ancient herbal medicine collection, supposed to provide relief for headaches and gastrointestinal upset), I just love its graceful purple flowers that float above a thick rosette of oblong leaves whose edges look like they have been decorated with a paper crafts crimper. Read more…

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exotic fragrance

Tuberose oil is a staple scent for perfumery, obtained through chemical extraction by means of concretes and absolutes, and it is one of the most expensive natural fragrances available to perfumers.

Because of the flower’s patrician demeanor and its expensive essence I always thought the tuberose was one of those sophisticated plants that require extraneous amounts of care and pampering Read more…

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homemade salves and creams

On 21, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In beauty products | By All Year Garden

The difference between a cream and a salve is that salves always contain beeswax and they are a lot firmer (think lip balm).

A salve is a blend of oil and beeswax in proportion of five to one more or less. Read more…

blending perfume

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In aromatherapy | By All Year Garden

There is more to blending perfume than obtaining the actual product. Perfume making is an experience in itself, a trip to fragrance land, if you will, an experiment where every scent opens a new possibility Read more…

beautiful shiny hair

When I was a child my grandmother picked walnut leaves and boiled them to use as a hair rinse. I can still feel that spicy fragrance during rainy summer afternoons when heavy drops rap strongly on the roof. Read more…

farewell summer

On 19, Aug 2011 | No Comments | In herbs | By All Year Garden

Goldenrod starts blooming in late August and it is seen as a signal that the season is changing, hence one of its common names “farewell summer”. It is a graceful tall perennial with tiny and fluffy yellow flowers. Read more…