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butterfly show

On 24, Mar 2011 | No Comments | In wildlife | By All Year Garden

Our tropical plant conservatory offers a wonderful and very welcome respite from winter blahs. One of the glazed enclosures houses a butterfly show. It is almost surreal to be surrounded by these diaphanous creatures, which are trained believe it or not to land on your finger. There is a wide assortment of butterflies: translucent, colorful, large and small, but above all some enormous ones that are bright cobalt blue on one side and a warm chocolate brown with exquisite peacock patterns on the other. The kids were beside themselves walking around with butterflied fingertips among orchids, tropical vines and vibrantly colorful glass sculptures.

We greeted the macaws that bob their heads when you call their names, pet the fish in the pond, wondered around the succulents and the banana trees and then took this picture. It was a good day.

This butterfly decided to pose for the picture and actually turned around so we could also take pictures of its wings.