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I woke up to a fog so thick I couldn’t see the house across the street. Fall granted us a little delay, but when it arrived, it did so in style. I braved the ghostly mist, cool and soft like, well, fog, and went about my morning schedule, greatly entertained by nature’s dramatic decor.

The fog is gone now, and it gave way to a few rays of sunshine, not very sure of themselves, and this lovely garden jewelry, compliments of the morning frost.

I guess that wasn’t too shabby, being able to enjoy summer-like warmth well into November, and I shouldn’t complain about experiencing season appropriate weather conditions now.

The spring bulbs are planted, the leaves are cleared, for the most part, and I’m one good fall cleaning away from putting away glove, shovel and trowel until next spring.

If I read the long range weather predictions correctly, we’re going to have a normal winter for a change, not the mother of all Arctic dreary that nature loved blessing us with in the recent years. Still cold, though, lots of snow, chilly spring.
But I did love the fog! Really cool.