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at the end of harvest

On 26, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In edibles, plants | By All Year Garden

I picked the last of the veggies today, happy to see the carrots really developed roots and sad to mark the end of this year’s gardening season. Despite the chaotic mess the little vegetable patch was reasonably productive (see table), which brings some hope that with adequate staking and pruning I can turn it into one of those beautiful pictures in the gardening books that us green thumbs like to day dream over during the month of February.

I don’t have the heart to call it quits so I brought inside as many annual herbs as I could fit on the kitchen window sill and am continuing my productive efforts indoors. The cat was particularly interested in the sweet smelling additions and studied me with bated breath while I transferred parsley, thyme and basil into decorative ceramic pots and placed them next to a south facing window.

I don’t know about those who love the charm of turning leaves and frosty windows, but for me the cold season is a period of waiting for the warm season, period which I try to fill with as many enjoyable and pampering activities as I can to distract myself from the fact there are no leaves on the trees or dewy blossoms to look forward to in the morning.

The toad lilies really shine, punctuating the landscape of rusty leaves with their incredible orchid-like flowers. Two days ago the first frost wilted the zinnias, we’re heading for winter. On a happier note, how glorious are these carrots, all eighteen ounces of them.