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“Angel Wings” Rose

On 18, Jan 2011 | 11 Comments | In roses | By All Year Garden

“Angel Wings” is a precious miniature China rose with flowers and fragrance reminiscent of apple blossoms. It will grow from seed. I bought it too late to plant in the garden before the frost, so I parked it indoors, and look what happened!

I can hardly wait for these flowers to go to seed, this is an open pollinated rose! It was not bothered one bit by the fact that it is the middle of winter indoors.

“Angel Wings” has delicate little clusters of fragrant flowers  white, rose and pink and it is hardy to zone 5. Great for landscaping, it grows in compact mounds that spread 2-3 feet, and can even be used as an annual started from seed. It will bloom the first year. This rose is not patented, so you can propagate it from seed, soft cuttings, hard cuttings, you name it!

I’m almost tempted to start one in a pot and keep it indoors. Never say never…


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    • admin

      Of course, please use the content.

  2. There seems to be a faultwith your RSS feed and I can’t subscribe.

    • admin

      hopefully it works now.

  3. Hi,this article is great,I found it on bing and I love it very much,I agree with what you have said, it help me a lot in decision,but I still have some questions with the last part,can you explain it for me ?I will appreciate your answer,and I will be back again!

    • admin

      I wrote in an earlier entry that one should never ever keep roses indoors, even though miniatures are sold in pots to keep on the window sill, because they are simply miserable without the full sun, the wind and the rain. Turns out I was right the first time. My rose got sick and I barely managed to save it. It lost all its leaves and started new growth from the ground again after I planted it outdoors in a place with full sun. It looks like it is going to make it.

      Just in case you are still wondering, roses really, really don’t like being indoors.

  4. that’s how the cookie crumbles

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    • admin

      That’s ok with me.