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almost time for bulbs

I really need to pick and plant spring bulbs, it’s been so warm so late into the fall that I almost forgot about them. They can be planted any time before winter, as long as the ground is not frozen. I have some pretty daffodils that I planted in the middle of December as proof of that.

There are a few good gardening practice rules that ensure the success of bulbs, even though they’re pretty forgiving plants and will do well anyway.

First, don’t plant them until temperatures drop into the fifties, otherwise they will sprout foliage right before the winter.

Second, plant them in groups of six or more, solitary bulbs don’t look all that pretty and they fare so much better in company. Make sure to respect the planting depth, or your bulbs won’t bloom. If you plant them too deep, they won’t be able to reach up through the dirt in time for their season, and some will choose not to emerge at all.

When you dig their planting beds, make them wide and shallow, and don’t crowd them. Spread a good handful of bone meal before you place the bulbs and cover them.

If you have wildlife in your yard, and who of us doesn’t, your spring bulbs will provide delightful treats for them in the cold season. If you’d rather keep the bulbs in the ground, try placing netting over them before you cover them.

Don’t forget to water them, especially while they are dormant. People tend to forget about them after they die down to the ground, but their water needs don’t change.